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Small Business Jobs Survival Act

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Statement from the West Village Committee:

Re: Small Business Jobs Survival Act

October 22, 2018

The very character of New York City is made up of its distinctive neighborhoods, landscapes and architecture that tell the story of the City’s history.  It is the small family-run and owned businesses in storefronts that dot the streets and tell a story of the remarkable spirit and strength of the people who built this city out of a labor of love, hard work and determination to make it in America.

The West Village Committee believes that residents and visitors alike benefit by supporting small businesses. Whether it’s the local tavern where residents gather after a hard day’s work to unwind and socialize or a visitor uncovering a unique shop that designs customized handbags that are one-of-kind. Everyday New Yorkers find utility in that expert watch repair shop and that shoe repair and shine corner store that lends confidence to their step on the busy streets of our great city.

The West Village Committee believes that the Small Business Jobs Survival Act is key to the future of preserving NYC’s culture, heritage and competitive advantage. The economy of this city relies on our residents and visitors who find value in a destination that is unique like no other and are willing to invest in living here, staying here and spending here. Why travel here, or live here if NY is transformed into another Mall of the America. The bill will give small business owners some peace of mind, time to plan ahead, and the fortitude to keep their establishments alive, to protect their employees and patrons, while preserving the character upon which this city was built. Landlords can benefit from the stability of its tenants and avoid additional costs associated with transient tenants, businesses and residents fleeing the city proper because of the grave changes they have witnessed over the last decade and more.

I don’t know about you, but I get depressed walking up Eighth Avenue from 14th to 25th Street to a slew of vacant storefronts and closed neighborhood restaurants once cherished and packed with lively diners, lending energy to the streetscape. New York has always been about development.  The landlords of NY have invested in this city, and we thank them. Now we ask for them to help us look not at short-term gain, but at the long-term future and creating a balanced quality of life for all who, work, live and visit the City.

Thank you for voting for the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.

# # #

Michael Talbot

Acting Chair

West Village Committee

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