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Sidewalk Width and Social Distancing

It will come as no surprise to residents of the West Village. Our narrow sidewalks often require a meandering dance from the sidewalk to

Have You Been Counted? Census 2020

This year, completing the census response is simple and easier than ever. You have the traditional option to mail in your census response or

Voting Absentee Made Easy

Governor Cuomo has issued an executive orders allowing anyone to vote at home using an absentee ballot.

Spring in the West Village 2020

While we've all either been staying home to flatten the curve or busy putting your life on the line as an essential worker, there hasn't...

Trees Are Healthy for Your Mind

The feeling of well-being and calm that comes from strolling or lolling under a tree canopy may in fact be biologically driven...

Small Business Jobs Survival Act

The very character of New York City is made up of its distinctive neighborhoods, landscapes and architecture that tell the story of the City

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