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Voting Absentee Made Easy

With voting for the 2020 primary and general elections just around the corner, many citizens are concerned about the safety and hygiene of polling locations. Questions have arisen whether gathering at polling locations will compromise risk exposure with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and unanswered questions of immunity and mass testing protocols.

New Yorkers can take note: Governor Cuomo has issued an executive orders allowing anyone to vote at home using an absentee ballot. While normally restricted to a narrow set of criteria, with this upcoming election, all voters are eligible for an absentee ballot.

Under the Governor’s Executive Order 202.15
To prevent the community spread of COVID-19, all registered voters may apply for an Absentee Ballot to vote in the upcoming June 23, 2020 elections.
If you are affected by COVID-19, please check the box for “Temporary Illness” on the application. The definition has been temporarily expanded to include those affected by COVID-19 and/or the potential of contracting the virus.

Requesting an absentee ballot is fairly simple. You’ll need to download an Absentee Ballot Application from the NYC Board of Elections website, fill out the form, then return the completed form to the Board of Elections office in person or by mail before the application deadline of June 16th.


The New York City Board of Elections has launched a new website allowing all NYC residents to request an absentee ballot online.

Upcoming Elections:

The Presidential Primary and Special Elections are scheduled for June 23, 2020.*

The Presidential Election is scheduled for November 3, 2020.

*election has been canceled, but a lawsuit may effect this decision.

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